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Arguments For and Against Banning Boxing. Of Being Earnest Essay. Since completing university, Paul has worked as a bookseller, librarian, and what freelance writer. The Importance. Born in theories the UK, he now lives in Florida. Boxing has existed in some form since at earnest essay least 688 BC when the ancient Greeks made it an Olympic game, but its history has often been a controversial one. Pros And Cons Cars. Fans argue that the of being essay, sport encourages physical fitness and discipline, as well as providing a way for young people way to remove themselves from being healthy poverty. Critics, however, believe that boxing is earnest essay, barbaric, unacceptably dangerous and Value Stream Mapping A case study of automotive industry should be banned. Modern boxing developed in the UK and the importance USA in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. The Marquess of Queensberry rules, drafted in third world child 1867, eventually helped boxing to essay make the gradual transition into being a modern sport after a long period when it had possessed only and cons dubious legitimacy. Below are the the importance of being earnest essay, main arguments for Man’yōshū Essay and against of being that are employed by people debating the issue of whether boxing should be banned.

Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book. Boxing is and cons of hybrid cars, a lot of of being earnest, white men watching two black men beat each other up. Arguments for Boxing Being Banned. The sport is A case study of automotive industry Essay, barbaric and no better than an the importance earnest, organized physical assault, which would be illegal in any other context. The fact that the participants are taking part voluntarily is cars, irrelevant - in some senses, boxing resembles dueling, which was a normal part of earnest, life for third world child many years, but is the importance earnest, now banned. There are injuries that occur accidentally in other sports, but in does healthy mean boxing causing a head injury in the form of a knockout to your opponent is actually one of the main objectives. The Importance Of Being Essay. Although deaths that occur during fights are rare, many doctors believe that boxing should be banned because of the eye and Stream Mapping study of automotive industry Essay brain injuries that can be caused by repeated punches to the head.

These injuries may go unnoticed at the time, but cause the of being earnest, boxer serious problems in later life. Man’yōshū Essay. There are very few professional fighters who's brains end up unscathed by the end of of being, their career. Is Validity In Psychology. Professional boxing glamorizes violence and essay the concept of becoming rich and what being famous through physical aggression. Essay. This sends children especially the entirely wrong message. Although boxing may appear to offer a quick and what is validity easy route to the importance riches, it is in Man’yōshū fact a poor choice. Apart from the very real health risks, boxers are commonly exploited economically and the importance even the most successful ones can often end up penniless. International Relations. All of the the importance earnest essay, sports have a safety net, but boxing is the only sport that has none. Pros And Cons Of Hybrid. So when the the importance earnest essay, fighter is through, he is through. Relations Theories. While he was fighting his management was very excited for him, but now that he is earnest essay, done, that management team is third world, moving on. The trouble with boxing is that too often it ends in sadness.

Stone carvings show that Sumerians engaged in boxing fights over 5,000 years ago. The Importance Of Being Earnest. Boxing disappeared after the what is validity in psychology, Romans for the importance of being a long time and what didn't reappear until the the importance of being, late 1600s in type England. The fighting was brutal, with bare-knuckle bouts continuing until one of the earnest essay, boxers could no longer continue. Rule changes came in 1743, with the London Prize Ring Rules, and again over a century later when the Marquess of Queensberry rules introduced gloves and industry Essay three minute rounds with one minute breaks. Boxing is like jazz. The better it is, the the importance essay, less people appreciate it. Arguments Against Boxing Being Banned. Boxing requires a high degree of physical fitness, if you wish to be successful, so it teaches young people to in psychology look after their bodies. There is the importance, no general intent in economy boxing to injure the opponent. Of Being Essay. Rather, the being healthy mean, primary aim is to score the most points by the importance earnest essay hitting strictly defined regions of the Value Stream Mapping A case study of automotive, body.

The sport teaches discipline. Earnest. As well as things like exercise and diet, it also informs young people when, and when not to fight, emphasizing the need for establishing mental control as well as physical. It also gives young people self-defense skills and Value Mapping study industry Essay can increase self-esteem, including the the importance earnest, ability to defend themselves if physically assaulted. The vast majority of boxers train and vs. Kokinshū Essay fight not because they want to of being earnest essay make lots of being healthy mean, money, but because they enjoy it as a sport. Nobody is of being essay, forced to box or watch a fight, all participants do so through their own free will. Those who dont like the Value Stream Mapping study of automotive, sport should just ignore it if they dont like it. Of Being Earnest Essay. Critics unfairly target boxing because it more obviously resembles a fight, rather than other sports which can be physically aggressive, such as ice hockey, or rugby, where there is Man’yōshū Essay, a puck, or a ball to provide the focus. The Importance Essay. Likewise, the what, high degree of strategy and tactics employed by of being earnest boxers are often missed by Stream study Essay inexperienced observers. Boxing is a way for of being earnest people to stagnation remove themselves from poverty. Other doors that may not be an essay, option for a young boxer, such as a college education, and the sport provides another route to social and economic advancement.

At the very least it can provide a sense of pros and cons of hybrid cars, self-respect. Without boxing, because of my neighborhoods, who knows what would have happened to the importance of being earnest me. It was always about Man’yōshū following the the importance of being earnest, leader. And I definitely was not a leader. Does Being Mean. Boxing gave me discipline; a sense of self. Essay. It made me more outspoken.

It gave me more confidence. Sugar Ray Leonard. Boxing is Man’yōshū Essay, a sport. Of Being Earnest Essay. We allow each other to hit each other, but I'm not treating my opponent like my enemy. We're doing a job to entertain people. Do you think that boxing should be banned? The brutalities of what in psychology, a fight with bare hands, the crushed nasal bones, maimed lips, and other disfigurements, which call for of being earnest essay the utter abolition of vs. Kokinshū, boxing in the interests of the importance earnest, humanity, at once disappear when the child, contestants cover their hands with large, soft-leather gloves. John Boyle O'Reilly. The Importance Of Being. 15 Boxing Champions With the type junction, Most Impressive Reach/Arm Span. by Charles Nuamah 0. Greatest Sports Rivalries: Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. by the importance of being essay EJ Lambert 6. Chuck Wepner: The Man who Inspired the pros cars, Movie “Rocky” by Readmikenow 11.

Why Roberto Durán Is the of being essay, Greatest Boxer of All Time. How to Use the Dempsey Roll in Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū Essay Boxing. by CJMcAllister 1. The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay. Why Roberto Durán Is the Greatest Boxer of All Time. 15 Boxing Champions With the Most Impressive Reach/Arm Span. by Charles Nuamah 0. Stream Mapping A Case Of Automotive Essay. I think boxing should not be banned. Hi this is a good story and boxing shouldn't be banned. The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay. HEY SUP NOTHING MUCH 6 months ago.

Boxing SHOULD NOT be banned because not just boxing is Value Mapping A case study of automotive industry, dangerous, but any other sports could be dangerous. So if we ban boxing, what is of being essay, going to Value Stream Mapping A case study of automotive be banned next? Volleyball? Water polo? Soccer? Football? Hockey? I have so, many reasons why boxing should not be banned but this is one of the reasons why. Of Being Earnest. Max Spiller 6 months ago. Person on the Internet 7 months ago. Type. I think that boxing should be banned on tv and in real life.

Sure, people think it's fun and you train for self defense, but if you look at it differently, you are pretty much beating another person up! That's not cool bro. teri an hortan ryder 8 months ago. it should be banned because it promotes little children to fight and hurt people. A cool star 9 months ago. I think it should not be banned from the of being earnest, earth it is because it is very important for the peoples to save from the pros of hybrid cars, people who love fighting. Earnest Essay. no dont ban boxing. International Theories. Enjoy every bit of the importance, life 11 months ago. I vote for not banning boxing. There are a number of is validity, dangerous sports (auto racing, American football, rugby,bull riding rodeo, X-games sports etc) and of being earnest essay you can't ban all of what in psychology, them. Of Being Essay. If it isn't banned at Value Stream A case of automotive industry Essay least adjust the rules of pro boxing: i.e. use the the importance earnest, rules and the headgear presently found in what in psychology amateur boxing to the importance essay help mitigate some of the severe consequences of boxing while maintaining the vs. Kokinshū, skill, discipline physical fitness etc mentioned in essay the arguments against boxing being banning. Boxing shouldn't be banned because the stagnation economy, people in the ring are willingly hitting each other.

No one person was ever forced to of being earnest essay box. Most of the vs. Kokinshū, time it was an the importance earnest, alternative to going to jail. What Is Validity. If the men in the importance of being earnest essay the ring were forced to do what they do it wouldn't be considered a sport it would be a punishment. Every hit in boxing builds strategy skills. Constantly looking for an open hit.

conor mcgregor 12 months ago. Man’yōshū Essay. boxing should NOT be banned :) DOUBLE MMA CHAMP AND UFC TRIPLE BELT 12 months ago. Boxing, Karate, Tai Jutsu and the importance of being essay all other forms of Martial Arts should be respected and Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū not banned due to their cultural richness. Wow there shouldn't really be a debate on this, boxing should just be banned all up. i think it should be banned because people getting hurt i dont want that. The reasons for not banning boxing were poor excuses and the importance earnest completely untrue. An article from neurological studies was the Mapping A case of automotive Essay, strongest argument by essay itself, and our 21st century era has outgrown boxing. A Case Study Of Automotive. What boxing officials don't seem to grasp is the importance of being earnest essay, that boxing gloves and head protection doesn't protect because the human head wasn't designed to take much in international relations blows, regardless if it has artificial padding around it.

The protection just adds a ton of weight that moves under force and impacts the head. Regardless of how they change the of being earnest, regulations, boxing is theories, meant to impact the head for force the opponents to knockout or submit when they've had enough blows. Of Being Earnest. Why people agree that bõing should not be banned. mwilliams66 5 years ago from type Left Coast, USA. Of Being. I am in no way a proponent of boxing. World Child. In fact I very much dislike it. This however, does not taint the the importance earnest essay, fact that I don't believe it should be banned. Third World Child. I believe it would only serve to of being earnest drive it underground. What I do feel should be banned is extreme fighting and MMA. What. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and the importance earnest respective owners.

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Resume Tim C.: Oracle Consultant Trainer. We only do consulting. No permanent job inquiries please. Tim C is one of those rare individuals with the earnest, combination of unparalleled training and extensive real-world experience. A graduate of MIT, one of the world's most competitive science universities, Tim joins the ranks of the mean, world most distinguished computer professionals, earning both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computer Science. Oracle 20 yrs through 11gr2 RAC VCS, HACMP, Service Guard, RMAN, GFS, GPFS, OCFS, ASM, 10g Application Server - Portal. Sybase 15 yrs through AS 15. Oracle E-Business: 14 yrs through R12.1.2. PeopleSoft: 8 yrs through version 9.

SAP: 10 yrs through version 7. SQL Server 15 yrs through Version 2008. Postgres 5 years through version 8.4. Informix 15 years through version 11. UDB 10 yrs through 9.0. MySQL 7 yrs through 5.1.

Database Architect 19 yrs. Cluster Serviceguard, HACMP, GPFS, OCFS2, ASM, Veritas Cluster, Redhat Cluster, Polyserve, Windows MSCS. Application Servers Weblogic 10 yrs, Websphere 7 yrs, Oracle Application Server 12 yrs. Project Management 15 yrs. Virtualization vmware ESX ESXi vsphere hypervisor hpvm lpar - zones. Operating Systems Windows 3.51 through 2008 server, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux all flavors (Redhat, Suse, Centos, Ubuntu, Oracle) I have setup and of being earnest installed all OSs including Clustering and High Availability. World Child. Also have setup all flavors of VMWARE for each Operating System. Of Being Earnest Essay. Windows Hyper-V.

Programming Languages: Java, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, ASP, JSP, Perl, C, C++ 12/09 06/2010 Database Architect and DBA Lead (Contract) Setup Oracle 11gr2 RAC Data warehouse. Implemented Data Guard, best practices. Tuning and scaling. Installed on Windows, Solaris with Zones, Linux and third world HP-UX. Client wanted a performance test on all the operating systems. The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay. Setup RAC using SCAN listeners for load balancing. Configured Oracle VM with OCFS and Mapping A case study of automotive shared storage pools.

Configured VMWare with Oracle 11gr RAC. Setup VCS on AIX and of being earnest Solaris for Oracle RAC. Setup all HP-UX 11.23 and 11.31 Environments with virtualization. Type Of Anchoring. Configured Powerpath, Zoning and LUNs via Navisphere. All machines were HP-UX Itanium RX series. Setup monitoring tools.

Installed Redhat Linux and setup EMC SAN with powerpath. Implemented ASM using 11gr2 new features. Configured Storage on CX4 and DX4 Clariion and Symmetrix. Provide Performance tuning and the importance of being earnest essay best practices for Zappos ERP system. Oracle R12 on Mapping study industry Essay Linux. Utilized Oracle Real Application Testing for migrations and workloads, Installed and configured Oracle 11g SOA Fusion. Setup OBIEE, BPEL, JMS, integrated with Oracle R12 Multi-tier setup. Setup WebLogic Clustered environment. Configured EMC-CX4 240 san, setup zoning, luns for Oracle VM environment. Installed and managed all VMs for system.

Installed EBS R12.1.1 Oracle VM Templates and 11gr2 Templates for RAC. 02/09 - 12/09 Database Architect and DBA Lead (Contract) Consultant for CJIS consolidation efforts. CJIS is in process of migrating all legacy hosting systems to their facility in Chelsea. I am the Lead Database Architect for the project. Migrated all Oracle 9i and 10g databases to 11gr2. Platforms include Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and Hp-UX itanium. Upgraded Several Oracle E-Business 11.5.10 to R12.1. Migrated from existing Hp-UX to linux. Installed and configured all operating systems, setup and laid out san.

Migrated application tier to shared application tier. Setup PCP and Oracle 11g RAC. Provided scaling and HA architecture. The Importance Earnest Essay. Setup Data Guard and stagnation economy Netapp snapclones. Setup load balancing and webcache also configured shared application tier using VCS. Installed and Configured Peoplesoft CRM with weblogic and Oracle 11g. Setup Oracle Grid for over 150 databases, application servers, web-logic. Provided all monitoring and tuning. Configured large Warehouse using Oracle OWB, Essbase with OLAP features.

Installed Oracle OBIEE across multiple servers. Performed all performance tuning of partitions and cubes. Installed and configured Oracle 11g SOA Fusion Suite. The Importance Essay. Configured LDAP and Active Directory integration. Implemented Fusion for several CJIS customers on AIX, Linux, Solaris and windows. Setup Web logic clusters. OBIEE. Setup Service guard for HP-UX. Veritas Cluster server for Solaris. Sun Cluster for Solaris.

HACMP and GPFS for AIX and Ocfs2 and economy GFS for the importance earnest, Linux. Migrated several RAC systems to ASM. Setup Informix 11 Dynamic server for several clients. Provided tuning and Scaling. Migrated Oracle 9i, 10g to economy DB2 9 on AIX, Linux, windows, hp-ux. Configured Netapp and EMC Clariion and symmetrix san and NAS storage for optimal performance with Oracle RAC. 06/07 02/09 Database Architect and earnest DBA Lead (Fulltime) Consultant for Suns Professional Services Division. include Flowserve , International Paper , University of Phoenix , PNC Bank , JCrew , Pratt Whitney , Bayview Financial , Mississippi Dept of Education , Flextronics , Wells Fargo, and the Army Corps of Engineers . Hired for relations, project based work consisting of the following: Oracle and SAP ERP Architect for several large clients: DBA and Lead Architect for over 5 major upgrades from 11i to R12 multi-global implementations. In charge of deciding on hardware, scaling of tiers based on number of users. LAN architecture, bonded and private network interconnects.

Backup strategies for high availability. Performance architecture of the operating system and storage system. Shared Application tier placement. Setup performance monitoring software (Foglight). Worked with DBAs and functional analyst on profile options for performance enhancements. Of Being Essay. Setup data guard for what healthy, high availability. Migrated database from clustered file system to ASM. Earnest Essay. Setup and configured PCP across Clustered Nodes. Modified system for load balancing using BIGIP and F5. Third World. Upgrading OS from Redhat 4 to Redhat 5.4. Configured SSO integration with Oracle E-Business and Discoverer and other third party software.

Configured Workflow and BPEL processes for earnest, third party software feeds. Windows, L:inux, Aix, Solaris, HP-UX . Upgrade large financial organization from 11.5.7 to R12.1.1: Customer was a large Supply Chain Store (Jcrew) - Design architecture, put together all technical documentation, mentor dbas during the upgrade process. Implemented Data Guard for standby, migrated existing 9.2. databases to 11g Real Application Clusters. Implement a shared application top for both techstack and appl_top. Customers runs AIX, HP-UX, Linux and Solaris. Man’yōshū. Utilized Quest Stat for managing Oracle E-Business patches and version control.

Migration of E-Business Suite from HP-UX Itanium to of being Linux x-64 database and third world child application tier Shared application tier Migrated Database from Oracle 10g to the importance of being earnest 11gr2 RAC. Install vmware ESX4I and vs. Kokinshū Essay ESX4 server on earnest essay Redhat Linux. Create vmware environments for several Oracle RAC and single instance databases. Configure shared storage, setup ASM, GFS clustered file system, Polyserve and VCS. Man’yōshū Vs. Kokinshū. Tested performance of the importance of being essay each clustered file system. Migration of UDB/DB2 8 and 9 to Oracle 10 and 11g. Stored procedures, java code, jdbc calls, And all cron jobs. Maintain and vs. Kokinshū upgrade all SQL Server 2000 and 2005 databases to 2008. Implement GEO Cluster technology using stretch clusters.

Provide all tuning of databases and the importance essay stored procedures. External interface coding in C#. Tuning, migration, upgrade Expert for Suns Oracle Practice Experience with large scale terabyte databases, redesigning them for of anchoring junction, RAC and optimal performance. ASM migrations and tuning on All platforms. Setup and Configured HP-UX Itanium servers with Serviceguard and virtualization. Installed and configured Oracle 11g RAC. Setup and Configured Solaris 10 servers with Sun Cluster and Sun virtualization. Installed and configured Oracle 11g RAC and MYSQL Cluster. Setup and Configured IBM AIX HACMP and GPFS on pseries servers.

Installed and configured Oracle 10g and 11g RAC. Setup and Configured Redhat Linux Advanced Cluster setup active-active and the importance of being earnest essay active-passive environments using GFS. Upgrade Windows 2003 and 2008 Oracle RAC 10g to Oracle RAC 11g. ASM and OCFS2 clusterware upgrade. Migrate Large Solaris implementation environment (EMC Corp) to Redhat Linux utilized transportable tablespaces to reduce downtime also utilized data pump pipe techniques to reduce downtime .. Setup 4 node Oracle Application Server Cluster 10gias shared binaries customized Portal and economy Oracle Collaboration Suite. Configured 4 node Windows 2003 and the importance of being essay Windows 2008 RAC Cluster 10g and 11g provided tuning and scaling for type of anchoring, ASM and OCFS2 file-systems as well as native NTFS. Migrate HP-UX 11i implementation to Solaris 10.

Utilize Domains for Real Application Cluster database. Migrate application tiers from earnest, Linux and HP-UX to Solaris. Migrate Oracle 10g Database to MYSQL 5.1 setup 3 node Cluster redesigned schema for economy, optimization provided all tuning and setup tasks .Utilize Erwin, PowerDesigner, and Rational for Relational and Object modeling. Install and Configure Oracle 11.5.10 and R12 on AIX 5.1 using HACMP. GPFS. Setup 5 node RAC HACMP AIX 5.2 Cluster using GPFS, Upgrade and the importance of being earnest install Sun Cluster on multi-node RAC Upgrade 9i RAC and 10g RAC to stagnation 11g RAC.Install Dataguard for of being earnest essay, Reporting and failover for DR. Implement Grid based monitoring solution for large scale show manufacturer. Client has over 800 databases running Oracle 7 through 11g.

Setup RMAN solutions for stagnation, all Oracle Databases created rman repository, wrote scripts for backup, integrated rman with OEM and GRID, provided best practices, optimizations and data guard and cloning techniques restore and recovery. Provide Performance tuning and performance analysis for large oracle data warehouse. Oracle 11i, R12 database and application tiers. The Importance Of Being Essay. Recommend best practices for partitioning, scalability and monitoring. Installed and Man’yōshū Essay configured multi-tier Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, 3 nodes install on the importance earnest Solaris and Linux. Setup Oracle Files, Web Conferencing, SSO, integration with E-Business. Automatic startup and shutdown with RMAN backup RAC backend on Store and type of anchoring mid tier. 10/05 05/26/07 Database Architect and earnest Technical Lead (Contract) Upgrade Major Titanium Company - Global NLS Oracle 11.5.10 multi-tier application to R12CU4. Migrated database to Oracle 10.2.3, upgraded all custom code and of anchoring junction configure for the importance of being earnest essay, 10G ASM RAC with data guard and Value A case of automotive TAF.

Setup PCP and all High availability using data guard. Installed and configured over 20 Informix Databases Version 9 and the importance of being earnest essay 10. Relations. Migrated several DB2 databases to Informix. Installed Oracle HTB for a large biotec company. Migrated data, setup application and database tiers. Provided configuration and tuning. Part of Oracles Swat Team Duties include tuning of systems, redesigning application schemas, upgrading and migrating systems. Installed Oracle Collaboration Suite and Oracle Content Management Suite for a large video company that streams terabytes of the importance of being earnest data equivalent to Value A case study of automotive youtube. Setup infrastructure for system. Consisted of 3 appplication servers, 2 content server, a RAC content db and data guard standby.

Provided all maintenance and tuning of system on a 24 X 7 basis. Interfaced system with Oracle Discoverer and Oracle E-Business. Helped work with developers to design custom java api. Migration of Ingres 6 7 databases to Oracle 10g. Also modified all scripts and logic. Managed Team of 25 DBAs and 7 developers. The Importance Earnest. Assigned tasks, provided mentoring, schedules and Value Stream of automotive industry performance monitoring.

Installed Oracle and R12 on Linux,AIX ,Windows 2003 Server, HP-UX and Solaris Multi-tier split 10GR2 RAC clustered environment using GPFS,OCFS2,Sun Cluster 3.0 ASM, utilizing PCP and FAL. Setup San, installed and configured ASM disk array layout. Designed cloning strategies for 10 different tier environments. Provide Grid monitoring for Environment. Migrate existing RAC databases from veritas cluster server to ASM. Migrated Client from Peoplesoft 6 to the importance earnest essay Peoplesoft 8. Client was moving from Solaris to what does mean Redhat Linux. Migrated multiple Clients from AIX, Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, Linux to different platforms with Oracle 11i, R12, 10g, 9i, 11g. Performed several re-implementations of fresh install of E-Business Suite. Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g 4 node Windows 2003 RAC install setup san, ASM disks, used Mercury load runner to test performance. Oracle 11g RAC installation on the importance Linux 10 node to Stream Mapping A case study of automotive Essay test new features.

Upgraded several 10g RAC clustered databases to 11g. Implemented Sox and Oracle Advanced Security for Core of Army Engineers Project that involved monitoring of troop activity in Iraq. Configured EMC San Storage Symmetrix and Clariion Created Logical Volumes and the importance of being earnest installed and configured devices. Migrated over 150 Oracle 8i, 9i databases from A case study of automotive industry, Aix, Solaris, Hp-Ux to Oracle 10g on Linux, Aix, Solaris, HP-UX and the importance earnest Windows. Migrated Split architecture of HP-PA Risc and HP-Titanium to Linux 32 and 64 bit with RAC and child ASM on the importance earnest essay 64 BIT Tier. What Healthy. Configured Service Guard on HP and earnest Veritas Cluster server on AIX. Workflow and BPEL configuration of legacy database feeds utilizing SOA technologies. Workflow Mailer configuration and automation. Installed and Configured Oracle RAC on Windows 2003 Server 4 node cluster with ocfs2 and international ASM. Upgraded 9i on Windows 2003 to 10g RAC.

Installed and configured Discoverer 10g with SSO. Upgraded existing EUL from Discoverer 4i. Set up Oracle R12 across Vmware environment. Configured Operating System, provided tuning and load balancing techniques for Vmware. Provided all SnapClone and FlexClone techniques for Netapp Appliances. Configured High Availability with Dataguard and setup RMAN for backups. Provided Client with Security Best practices for Oracle 10g. This included securing access to default accounts, securing the network using encryption, using Single Sign On, enabling database auditing, enable FGA for user access to the database.

Document all security practices and create daily managements reports. Installed and configured multi-tier Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g, 3 nodes install on the importance of being earnest essay Linux and Aix. Setup Oracle Files, Web Conferencing, SSO, integration with E-Business. Value Stream Mapping A Case Study Of Automotive Industry Essay. Automatic startup and essay shutdown with RMAN backup RAC backend on relations theories Store and of being mid tier. 03/04 10/05 Database Technical Lead (Contract) Database Lead for Dell Professional Services Migration team specializing in upgrades, migrations and complex installations of relations Oracle Applications 11i. 11.5.10 Clustered RAC configuration with MRP and the importance of being PCP provided all architecture decisions on shared file system and DMZ security.

Migrated 30 SQLServer 2000 and 2005 Databases to Oracle 10g All stored procs, shell scripts and jdbc programs. Migrated DB2 and Oracle Databases to Mysql 4.2. Migration consisted of over 40 databases. Migrate Omnis 7 databases to type junction Oracle 10g. Client had several large scale Omnis environments and essay were migrating to jdeveloper and Oracle 10. Installed and upgraded several 10.7 and 11.5 ERP Systems to 11.5.9 and being healthy 11.5.10. Design complex architecture migration strategies including database, applications, protocols, hardware Implement Fine Grain Auditing for all user connections. Encrypt network sql access.

Migrated over 20 Sybase System 10 and 11 systems to Oracle and the importance of being earnest essay SQLServer. Installed and configured SunCluster 2.2 and 3.0 for Oracle RAC 5 node database. Installed and international relations Configured multi-tier OCS 10.1 system across 3 nodes setup all security integrated with Apps, OID, LDAP. Oracle RAC installs and setup on of being earnest essay Windows 2003, AIX, Solaris and type of anchoring junction Linux. CFS, GPFS, PolyServe, CMS, OCFS. Configure Complex database schemas for multi-global applications such as Oracle ERP, Peoplesoft, SAP and the importance essay Siebel. Installation and configuration of Collaboration suite 10 g across multi-tier clustered RAC environment. Extensive Performance and scalability testing using Mercury tools loadrunner, winrunner, testdirector. Perform Migrations of large database systems from Companies such as International Paper, JCrew, RedCross, NYDCJ SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix - Install, tune and third world child configure complex clustered database environments. Install and setup SAN, NAS, ISCSI, Oracle 10g RAC, ASM, OCFS, Dataguard, Veritas Cluster, Sun Cluster, HACMP, GPFS, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, MSCS, Windows 2000, 2003, Vista and SQLserver 2005.

Clients included J.P. Morgan NYC, JCrew, USPS, U.S Government, EPA. 03/03 03/04 Database Technical Lead (Contract) Database Lead implementing Proof of Concepts for Dell professional services and EMC. Install Oracle 10g, RAC, SANs, RMAN. Install and Configure UDB 8.1 and 8.2 on HP-UX, AIX, Linux and of being earnest essay Windows 2003.

Migrate Sybase AS 12.5 to Sybase System 15. Migrated SQLServer 2000 Databases to Oracle 10g All stored procs, shell scripts and jdbc programs. Install and Maintain Oracle Pharmaceuticals 4.5 migrate existing clinical systems to relations Oracle Clinical. Configure OCFS, ASM, and PolyServe on redhat linux. Extensive Performance and scalability testing using Mercury tools LoadRunner, winrunner, testdirector. Setup disaster recovery and High Availability Architecture with dataguard, EMC Snapcloen and essay Snapview. Install Oracle 11.5.10 clustered Linux implementations. Upgrade Oracle Applications 10.7 to 11.5.10, 11i to 11.5.9 migrate from what being, windows, hp-ux, Solaris and aix to linux. Worked at EMC doing a migration from 11.5.8 to 11.5.10 from Solaris to Linux did all the essay, work myself. Migrate Oracle to Linux from HP-UX PA-RISC and ITANIUM RAC Environment using ServiceGuard and ASM, Windows, AIX and Solaris. 03/02 03/1/03 Database Lead (Contract)

Hired as Database and Oracle Applications DBA Lead to implement a multi-architecture and Global deployment of Value Stream Mapping study industry Essay 11.5.10. Earnest. System consisted of several HP-PA Risc Application Servers and RAC based HP-UX Itanium servers. Installed and configured the hardware, OS, raid and economy LVM setup Installed 11.5.9 and ported it to a RAC environment on AIX, SUN, HP and REDHAT Linux AS. High availability Architect for Standby and DR center.. Migrated Oracle 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 on Linux, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX. Installed and configured Oracle Collaboration Suite on HP-UX, Redhat Linux AS 3.0 and Windows 2003 Server. Configured Web Conferencing, email server, Oracle Files for attachments. Multi-server and single node installs. Setup SSO for Oracle collaboration suite, Applications and Discoverer.

Migrated Apps users to OID using native tools. Setup SSL security. Extensive tuning and scalability benchmarking of various environments at the Operating system and Database level for AIX, HP-UX and Solaris. Developed all E-Business cloning routines, backup and the importance essay startup scripts to be used across all of the various servers. Migrated data from an existing legacy based manufacturing and financial system to Oracle apps using Oracles Data pump and Brio. Installed RMAN and TMS for stagnation, backups with Data Guard for high availability reporting instance.

Provided all database tuning to of being earnest existing systems using my 20+ yrs of does mean RDB expertise. 01/00 2/25/02 Oracle Applications DBA/Architect (Contract) Migrated MDR from a Legacy based financial package that ran on VAX/VMS to Oracle 11.5.2 ERP and CRM. Installed and configured QA, Development and Production instances on Windows 2003 Servers, Linux and AIX servers. Provide all tuning, cloning, 24 X 7 support for production environment. Installed Oracle Collaboration suite on Linux AS 3.0. Configured Email, Web conferencing, Files, Voice Conferencing. Integrated with SSO and Oracle applications.

Migrated all application and database servers to AIX 5.1 and the importance of being earnest essay RedHat AS 3.0 Linux running Oracle 10gRAC and 10g Application servers. Linux servers running OCFS 2.1. And Redhat Advanced server 2.1 and 3.0. Installed a split-architecture configuration of Oracle Applications 11i using HP PA-RISC as the application server tier and Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū HP-Itanium for the database tier. Utilized Veritas DBAC software to manage raw partitions and clustering on the HP-UX systems.

Database tuning of of being earnest E-Business suite using Quest spotlight and statspack. Cloning and patching. Healthy Mean. We have 6 instances running. Setup standby database and the importance of being earnest rman backup database on AIX platforms. Several Installations of Essay Oracle RAC on Linux using SAN and EMC disk arrays. Also setup demos using firewire shared cluster. Mentor and lead a team of 12 Junior DBAs and 5 developers. Provide guidance and training on a monthly basis to the importance of being DBAs and developers on child different subjects related to database performance, sql tuning, EJB and stored procedure design.

Ported several Sybase AS12.5 database servers to Oracle 9i RAC, ported stored procedures, java stored procedures, XML code. 05/94 12/99 Database Applications DBA/Architect (Contract) My primary role has been Oracle and UDB/DB2 Database Guru and Architect. In this role my responsibilities were architecting, implementing and managing all of the earnest, middle tier and back-end database related tasks. My daily tasks consist of the following duties: Worked as Primary Lead DBA for a team of relations 8 Junior DBAs on the migration and Implementation of the EPA Superfund System. Of Being. Worked alongside Dr Rod fonticelli from Booz Allen and Hamilton to create the infrastructure and Database Layout. Database Architect and Lead DBA for over 5 implementations of UDB EEE 6 7 on AIX, Solaris and HP/UX Platforms. A Case Study Of Automotive Industry. Migration of existing DB2 Databases on MVS platforms to of being UDB AIX. Installed Oracle E-business Suite 10.7 NCA version on AIX and Solaris.

Provided all patching, cloning and tuning expertise to staff. Assisted in migrating data from legacy systems to Oracle Applications. Convert Oracle Databases from version 7 to 8, 8 to 9. Utilized Cognos ETL Tools to load and clean data. Installed and configured Oracle 10.7 and 11.0 for several clients. Installations configured for Parallel and healthy mean RAC environments. Installed and configured Oracle Parallel server on Sun, RS6000 and the importance of being HP9000 environments.

10/1990 - 05/1994 Database Consultant Lead Engineer (Fulltime) Sybases technology practice specializes in large scale system implementation for fortune 500 companies. The technology teams work usually consists of about 15-20 engineers and business analysts. Third. These are some of the most dedicated people in the business. The Importance Essay. There will work as many hours as needed to meet all deadlines.

I never missed a deadline and learned to be a team player. My role was to work along with business analysts and end users to define and architect the business flow as it relates to a relational model. I would learn the customers business and start to design some logical business diagrams using various modeling tools that would change based on the customers needs. Vs. Kokinshū. From the logical models, I would design the the importance of being earnest, physical implementation of the database. When the junction, engineers started to code, I would work side by side with them to of being essay provide SQL knowledge. When Java first came on the scene, I learned to write JDBC code so that I could help when needed with development. My daily tasks varied from project to project, but all of them had these similar duties: Lead Database Architect.

It was my role to head the database team and make all final decisions concerning design and of anchoring junction modifications to the schema. We used Erwin, Rational Rose and Powerdesigner for the importance of being, modeling tools. Was the lead Java developer and DBA on Stream A case of automotive Essay over 5 ERP and of being essay CRM implementation of Oracle. Installed and maintained Websphere for several clients. Migrated data, installed application servers, migrated legacy code.

Lead Database Administrator. It was also my role to junction act as the primary database administrator. All performance tuning and the importance earnest essay database tasks would be signed off by me. Many of the projects involved supervising a staff of 6 to 10 DBAs. Essay. I was also the the importance earnest essay, chief technologist for all database performance tuning and type implementation. The Importance Of Being Earnest. Some of the databases we worked on were several hundred gigabytes to terabyte financial systems.

Technologies used were Java, Oracle, PowerBuilder 5 6,PL/SQL, Sybase 11.5, DB2 7.0, and SQLServer 6.5. Designed several large data warehouses in DB2 Warehousing and Oracle Express. Convert Sybase 11.5 Environment to Oracle 8 and DB2 7.0. Stored procedures, shell scripts, JDBC code. 1/1988 - 10/1990 Database Consultant (Contract) My primary duties at MIT consisted of the following:

Developed several prototype cross-platform GUI applications using Omnis 7, MPW and Uniface. These applications were designed using Kerberos authentication (the technology would later be used 10 yrs later as the authentication for Windows 2000). Designed and Architected MITs first implementation of vs. Kokinshū Essay Sybase and Oracle. Sybase was running on a pair of the importance earnest essay Clustered Vax 780s, Oracle was installed on a prototype version of the healthy mean, Digital Alpha processor. Installed and of being essay configured several Ingres Database implementations on Vax Ultrix and Value Stream Mapping A case study of automotive industry Essay OSF. MIT was one of the first institutions to the importance earnest use Ingres as its database. Provided database support for initial implementation of Peoplesoft. MIT converted all of its home grown applications to Peoplesoft HR. Installed and configured Gemstone database. Used Parc Place visualworks Smalltalk to design and OO interface for a facilities management project. 1/1985 - 1/1988 Principal Database and Systems Engineer.

Digital Equipment Corporation was a pioneer in the field of stagnation economy database technologies. Vax RDB was one of the first relational databases designed after DB2. The minicomputer (vax) was the driving force behind the technology. Worked on the design and of being earnest development of Vax RDB from conception. Man’yōshū. My role as Database Engineer allowed me to utilize all of of being earnest essay my knowledge that I learned during my college years. Wrote several underlying interfaces and custom reports using C and Vax Basic. The Vax/RDB team consisted of 25 of Digitals brightest engineers. They were hand selected from a variety of schools at the time. Relational technology was just beginning to be understood. Digital had been developing several products using a hierarchical database called DBMS-32. Although very effective, the third child, push was to deliver a relational product.

My primary duties at Digital consisted of the following: Started out of being as a Software Engineer working on Project Athena. Designed an advanced Message Queuing System using Vax C and Digitals RDB. Promoted to stagnation economy Principal Software Engineer and re-assigned to the importance of being earnest work on Digitals internal database development team that designed Vax RDB. Worked on child designing the internal metadata dictionary and SQL interface to Vax RDB.

Developed the interface using Vax C. Worked on Vax Cluster technology (the predecessor to Oracle 9i RAC). Essay. Provided design and Stream A case study industry Essay installation techniques for clustering and performance tuning. REMOTE DBA EXPERIENCE. Provided Remote DBA and Database Architect expertise for the importance of being essay, Nikes database operations team.

Installed and configured multiple Oracle 10g and 11g databases on world Linux, Windows and Solaris. Provided tuning and scalability expertise. Installed and configured 6 node Oracle 11g RAC database environment. Setup all VMWARE ESX and managed vmware environment. Provided OS Upgrades and earnest tuning. Remote DBA for EDS Database Services. Managed Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and sqlserver databases. Installed and configured over 100 databases on a variety of platforms. International Relations Theories. Upgraded all databases. Provided Tuning and wrote many scripts for backup and monitoring. Lead Applications DBA for CSC for large government firm in Burlington, VT.

Upgraded Oracle 11.5.10 to R12 on Linux and the importance earnest HP-UX. Setup RAC clustering and provided all tuning and 24 X 7 support. DCC also known as smartdog provides on demand remote dba services. I was the lead applications dba for them. Handled over international relations, 10 customer accounts, many Oracle ERP applications. Performed migrations, upgrades, tuning, support 24 X 7.

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essay on bluebeard This blog post is the importance of being earnest really about type of anchoring how differently men and women can perceive certain things, but I didnt think that would make a very good title. And Bluebeard does come into it, as youll see. Some time ago, a friend of mine whom I will call Nathan, because his name is Nathan, and I were having a conversation. Nathan is a big, strong guy, about twice my size. The Importance Earnest? He told me that when he lived in New Orleans, he had loved walking around the city alone, late at night. Relations Theories? I said to him, Nathan, Ive never walked around a city alone late at night. There was a moment of silence, and then he said something like, Oh, right. Sometimes I forget how different it must be for a woman.

Im writing this post in part because there have been conversations recently, in the media and on the internet, that have made clear how differently men and the importance of being earnest women can perceive certain words and actions. Some of those conversations have been about the literary world I live in, particularly the fantasy and science fiction corner of world, it. And the point I want to make, centrally in this blog post, is that something that may not seem threatening to a man may seem profoundly threatening to a woman. Ill give you an the importance earnest essay example. Scenario: A woman passes a man on the street.

He says, Hello, beautiful. How the Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū, man perceives this: I paid her a compliment. How the earnest, woman perceives this: Is he going to attack me? I dont know if this is true for Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū Essay, all women, in all circumstances, but if Im the the importance of being, woman in that scenario, particularly if Ive been walking down that street absorbed in my own thoughts, as soon as Im spoken to type of anchoring I will immediately check my surroundings. What time of day is the importance of being it? Is there anyone else on Man’yōshū Essay, the street? How threatening does the man seem? (Although I have to add, if Im completely honest, that I never walk down a street lost in thought. I used to when I was younger.

Im smarter now.) When I teach my class on fairy tales, I ask students about the the importance earnest essay, moral of Bluebeard. Charles Perrault gives us a moral, clearly marked moral, at the end of the tale: Curiosity, in spite of Value A case industry Essay, its appeal, often leads to deep regret. To the displeasure of many a maiden, its enjoyment is short lived. Once satisfied, it ceases to exist, and the importance essay always costs dearly. I ask my students, is that really what we learned from the story? No, they tell me. That moral doesnt make sense. If Bluebeards wife hadnt been curious, she would never have known that he had killed his previous wives. And although he tells her hes going to vs. Kokinshū kill her because of her curiosity, and we can infer that he killed most of his other wives for the same reason, what about the first wife? Why did he kill her? Clearly this is a man who simply likes killing his wives, and will eventually think of the importance of being earnest, a reason to kill again. So, I ask them, what is the moral?

And eventually we come up with something like this: Make sure you know whom youre marrying, because your husband may be a serial killer. If youre a woman, and youve lived for a while in does mean, the world, youve learned to be cautious. Youve learned that you dont know who people are, or what theyre capable of, until youve known them for a long time, and sometimes not even then. Essay? If a man is relations theories bothering a woman, its easy for another man to say Ignore him. Hes just a creep. Or He lacks social skills. But the woman in that situation has to approach it by thinking, what is the worst case scenario? What is the worst that could happen? And then she has to act based on that supposition. Often that means acting swiftly, decisively, with maximum effect. Because you have to of being earnest essay establish, definitively, that you are not to be messed with. She will be told, Youre overreacting. But she will also know that if something does happen, if there is a worst case scenario, she will be told, You should have paid attention to the warning signs. Either way, she faces the possibility of Essay, being blamed.

Lets go back to that first scenario, with the the importance, woman walking down the street. If the man who thought he had paid her a compliment knew she was assessing him as a potential attacker, he might blame her: he might say, why didnt she realize I was trying to be nice? What he wouldnt know is how many times she had been approached on a street by a man who said, Hello, beautiful, and type junction then continued with a sexual proposition. The Importance Of Being Essay? For an average woman, it would be a least once, but probably more than once. After a while, if youve been living while female, you get a sort of PTSD. Most women have been through assaults of various kinds. (I once looked up from reading a book in the public library to see a man masturbating on being healthy, the seat across from me. I think I must have been about the importance essay fourteen?) Most women have dealt with some sort of silencing or discrimination. (When I was at Harvard Law School, there were male students who argued that women who were going to take time off to have and child care for children were taking up space that should go to qualified men.) This history conditions how they respond, whether to a compliment on a street or to of being essay male writers who talk about them with a lack of respect (see the latest SFWA scandal). (Its also worth knowing that women talk to one another: we know when a male writer regularly hits on young female writers at theories, conventions.) Bluebeard has been interpreted in a variety of ways, but its simplest meaning is a cautionary one, to women. What it really says is, be curious, be bold, protect yourself. Considering the things women have to the importance earnest essay deal with, its scarcely surprising that they have learned this particular lesson. I know Ive put a lot into this blog post, and type of anchoring junction parts of it may not fit together with perfect logic. But it represents a series of the importance of being essay, things Ive been thinking recently about differences in stagnation, perception.

If youre a man and want to work or socialize with women, its probably worth considering how their perception may be different from yours, and what may lie behind that difference. Such an interesting post. I often went walking around the city at the importance, night when I was younger and actually found it a safe and comfortable place, I only once felt as if I was in any danger, as a suspicious looking person seemed to be following me, and even then I knew I could go up to any stranger and they would help me. Does Mean? My feeling is the importance earnest essay that women are in more danger from men they know as witnessed by the Bluebeard story. But you really have written so many layers into Stream A case industry, your post, and I want to comment on the importance of being essay, them all but then Id be writing an essay of my own #128578; Sarah, which city?

I think that does make a difference. I live in vs. Kokinshū Essay, Boston, and we get regular updates on assaults in our area. Of Being? They do happen with some frequency. Of Anchoring? There are places I would walk if I needed to, and places I definitely wouldnt. But I do agree that women are generally in more danger from men they know.

Cities in New Zealand and Australia. Of Being? Which actually arent all that safe for women domestic violence is rife, and type of anchoring child abuse is a huge problem. The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay? Nowhere in the world is safe for women really. Nor for men or children. I do think I was lucky to get home unscathed from the city at night. See, i know many women (and men) whom walk round cities late at night. Perhaps they just suffer a little less paranoia? Wes 1 in 4 women will be the victim of what does mean, a rape during their life, which may influence how men and women view walking around a major city at the importance essay, night alone differently (as the saying goes, its not paranoia if theyre out to get you) There is a problem with your statistic.

The majority of child, cases, it is someone the victim knows, not a stranger who stalks in the middle of the night. Perpetuating this stereotype is actually more dangerous. You write as if women are the sole receivers of discriminatory and the importance essay sexist treatment. Is this not discriminatory and type junction sexist. Perhaps using the word some in front of the word women this piece of writing may have more relevance to the realities. Wez, youre a jerk.

I walked around cities late at the importance earnest, night. World Child? Why? Because I was TRAINED. And because I wanted someone to give me an excuse. The Importance Of Being? That doesnt mean others will or should, as anyone raped will be blamed for the time of night they are out on the street, ALL women receive or witness sexist treatment. Not all *see* it. Child? (re:Hillary Clintons campaign in the US.) SOME men receive sexist treatment. Most dont. Even more than that never understand the difference.

Wont someone please think of the the importance of being essay, men. Wez, you might want to look into world, the power differentials between genders in most societies and general prevalence of of being earnest essay, sexualised violence against women as against men before firing away with the poorly considered, inane commentary. Agreed in full, Wez. Dont let the dismissals of Theodoras followers deter you from Stream Mapping study Essay, speaking reason. Please do tell me where the reason is in the following: You write as if women are the of being, sole receivers of discriminatory and sexist treatment. Is this not discriminatory and sexist.

Perhaps using the relations, word some in front of the word women this piece of writing may have more relevance to the realities. I really am curious, as a logician myself, how you actually call this reason. Wez first declares his evaluation of Theodoras post as if it were fact: to be specific, that she is the importance of being earnest indeed writing as if women are the sole receivers of discriminatory and sexist treatment. This, in spite of the fact that nowhere does she make any such declaration. She very carefully deliniates that she wishes to third world child speak to of being earnest this specific type of discrimination. Man’yōshū Vs. Kokinshū? The very act of doing that should clue a reasonable reader into the fact that she is well aware of other types of discrimination. (Yes, I am using the word fact here in this paragraph several times, since those pesky little elements seem to be overlooked by you and Wez.) He then puts forward, as if it were merely a question, the proposition that Theodora is the importance essay herself discriminatory and sexist, with the implication that she is so against men. This is an unsupported implication, with no evidence to prop it up. The fact that he choses the rhetorical device of putting the international theories, idea of her attitudes forward as a question is also dismissive, implying that he has greater insight into her motives than she does herself.

This, even though she took a considerable number of earnest essay, words to explain her choice of stagnation, blogging on this specific topic at the importance of being earnest, this time. He then presumes to instruct Theodora (an established writer of quality, whose works are readily available for being mean, scrutiny) on the importance earnest essay, her word choice, for all the world as if he had the authority to evaluate it. Man’yōshū Vs. Kokinshū Essay? Mind you, he does this from behind the veil of a screen name that gives us no means of of being earnest essay, putting his own command of the language under similar scrutiny. But this you declare reasonable simply (it would seem) because he is a male voice using a supposedly moderate tone reprimanding a female writer who is expressing an issue that ought to be considered by type of anchoring junction all. I find Wezs dismissal of the issue simply because it does not cover all discrimination and sexism to be foolishly limited and far from earnest essay, reasonable. But then, Ive studied logic and philosophy, so what do I know about it? Wez, I dont think the point of Theodoras musings are that this afflicts either some or most women.

The point is that it happens at does healthy, all. I tried to be quite careful with my language, because recently anytime someone has written about this issue, the criticism has been intense. Essay? My point is that women can have a very different perspective from men, and of anchoring junction that its a good idea to take that into account. I would say that most women have dealt with things, whether assault or discrimination, that have shaped their perspective, but thats based on what Ive heard from friends. Of Being? Almost all of type of anchoring junction, them have stories . . . Of Being? And I know that my friends are among the privileged: generally highly educated, creative people who have the ability to shape their own lives.

I would expect it to Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū be even more true for women who have less economic and social power. The Importance Of Being Earnest Essay? My point is certainly not that only women deal with issues such as discrimination and assault, but that women do in type, general deal with them, and it shapes how they perceive and respond to the importance earnest essay the world. Well said, Sarah, however I might deviate slightly (not sure if you agree, this is simply my opinion) by child simply saying that when this blog suggests (not that I disagree) that women should assume the worst it is slightly (only slightly) sexist. However, as Theodora says, it is the importance of being earnest necessary. Not being a woman myself, I cannot fully understand how it is junction that a woman is interpreting my actions/words, I can only of being earnest essay, do my best to not do/say something that causes her to become wary of me. Child? It is the job of the men (however sexist it may seem), to use their own discretion when interacting with women, and the importance of being earnest avoid engaging interactions after dark, as this is when it is natural to assume the worst. He must also gauge her reactions to his actions/words so as to does healthy better know how to possibly diffuse the earnest essay, situation, or to know when enough is stagnation economy enough. Whereas in the importance earnest, a situation after dark, a man may be able to intimidate/muscle his way out of a bad situation (and will therefore subconsciously expect a woman to world do the same), a woman (by the physical nature of the gender, not meaning to be sexist) will not be as able to do so, and as such must always be prepared for the worst. I do not mean to the importance of being offend anyone or to state as fact, only my opinion is stated here.

PS. It wouldnt let me reply to your reply to Reason Prevails Thank you, Jacob. Actually I do not disagree with you on that very much. International Relations Theories? But then it is because I have made a very conscious choice to my my default reaction to earnest essay people a positive one, as much as I can. Even so, there are times when I inwardly cringe a little at encountering dubious male personages. Economy? So far, I have been very fortunate in not having disasterous encounters. And it doesnt mean that I dont do a situational evaluation either.

I regard myself as perhaps atypical in the importance of being earnest, the matter, having started out as a tom-boy and being moderately ready for relations, rough-housing on occasion. I proceed at night (when Im out alone) with bold assurance, but keeping my radar awake and active. But as you can see even though Ive chosen an unbiased mode of behavior, underneath that is a consciousness and readiness to the importance fight if it becomes necessary. This is the MOST AWESOME. Type Of Anchoring? Thank you.

Also, your point about the the importance of being earnest, safe walking late at night should not be regarded as the be all and end all of your post. *sadsigh* As someone who lived in Man’yōshū Essay, Brooklyn and loved walking around at 3 am? I should note I never went into the park. Something like this happened to me recently. The Importance Earnest Essay? I was at a farmers market, and third world one of the vendors said to me I remember you from last year. I remember your smile. Although I knew he meant it as a compliment and the importance of being earnest was in no way threatening, my first reaction was alarm. Third World? I hadnt bought anything from him last year. My father had, but he remembered me, and not my father.

Me and my smile. I know he was trying to be nice, but an innocent compliment had me feeling almost like Id been being stalked. It hasnt stopped me from going to the Farmers Market, though. I agree with the part of being cautious because its hard to earnest essay really know someone (serial killer or liar)even after spending a long time with them. That said, I live in a place where I can take a twenty-minute walk to the supermarket at 8:30pm without worrying about my safety (thank God). There are usually some dudes who smoke at a certain area and when I first came here, I was always scared passing through that route (it was the only way to theories the supermarket). But Ive learnt that they dont bite, matter of the importance of being earnest, fact, they rarely even say hello. That is, unless you look at them. However if any of them says hello, I nod or smile because Im scared of theories, appearing harsh.

As a kid, I was so used to being told by everyone around me (friends, parents, my sisters) to be careful on the street, dont take any chances, etc., so much so that it became second nature and I rarely gave it conscious thought. When I moved to Singapore, it was immensely liberating that I could just walk anywhere at any time of day. That was the time I noticed how different things actually are in of being essay, places where your safety is being threatened just for wandering out alone. Elaine, I think youre right that we respond differently to different places. There are places where I would feel save in relations theories, the middle of the night, places where I wouldnt. But I would always make that determinationthe question would always come up. That may have to do with the earnest essay, fact that I was raised in of anchoring, large cities where it was basically always an issue. Im amazed theres still someone out there who doesnt get it.

Women, despite waves of of being earnest, feminist consciousness raising, and some women having broken through the glass ceilings in most professions, are still, as John Lennon sang in Women Are The Niggers of The World, the penultimate universal victims through time and across cultures. That the Feminine aspect of human being is both feared and held in vs. Kokinshū, awe, is simply a fact, born out by history, and illustrated in literature of every genre. This dichotomy is the deep, primal flaw that makes each individual less whole. It is not incurable for the importance of being earnest, those willing to delve deeply into the psychology of being, their constructed selves and discover their true selves. The Importance? Self knowledge is the key. Essay? We can, so long as we live and breathe, work on the importance of being essay, ourselves. On the practical level, both women and men might simply be aware of their surroundings, educate themselves about the specifics of other cultures, and commit to third child remaining conscious in the world. As an elder, but still fit woman, not as pretty nor as naive as I once was, I get a lot less of that random intrusion sort of street interference.

But Im also less mobile, so I think about where Im going before I agree to travel, even in this city where Ive lived since the Sixties. i maintain a friendly, sometimes even chatty attitude when out, often make instant short term friends on trains, and buses, and in public spaces. Most folks are lonely out there, despite all the earnest essay, devices that give them the illusion of being connected, and welcome personal contact of the simply fellow traveler sort. Type Of Anchoring? Genuine friendliness is a good attitude to earnest exercise once discrimination (the better part of of anchoring, of all commingling) has been mastered. This was beautifully written. As a woman in recovery, dealing with issues of shame around sexuality lead me away from AA and the importance of being earnest essay more towards finding my own way. I was assaulted during the third child, time of my active addiction and it was never an appropriate place to delve into that particular aspect. Womens lives are very different Interesting read. Of Being Essay? Reminded me of when I was in stagnation, Dublin, on the ghost tour. The last stop of the night was at a church three blocks from the apartment we were renting.

The bus was returning to the Dublin Bus headquarters, a mile away, where wed been picked up. It was after 10 at night, and dark. We asked the tour guide if it was okay if we left the tour there, and one of the guys on the tour looked at us as if we were crazy. Of Being Essay? He didnt see a problem with going back across town, staying for A case, the rest of the tour, but we were two women, alone, and we didnt want to essay walk in those conditions any further than we had to. I will admit that I was never afraid in Dublin, but I also wasnt *stupid*. What Being Healthy Mean? I live in an area where, twice in two years, a man preyed on women along a river walking trail not too far from my house. Both times, he dragged his victim into the bushes, raped her for *hours*, and beat her nearly to the point of death. This was in the importance earnest essay, a town of 110k people. Junction? Dublin has over the importance earnest essay, one million people. Value Stream A Case Study Of Automotive Essay? The chances there of being assaulted are higher due to the higher population.

A lot of of being essay, men dont understand that were conditioned through these events, even if they dont happen to theories us, to worry that someone will come out of the essay, shadows and do us harm. For most, it doesnt happen. But the chance is vs. Kokinshū Essay always there. And yes, theres a chance that a man will be assaulted, that someone will want his wallet. The Importance Of Being? I wouldnt call myself a feminist (Im more of a humanist, really), but its achingly apparent that womans natural predator is man. And that needs to stop. Womans natural predator is Value Mapping A case study Essay man.

Powerful words. Sadly, true words. In my original comment, I mentioned I felt safe walking at night (I live in New Zealand and that will probably tell you alot) but for years I helped women who were not safe in their own homes. Bluebeard was always an unreal, faceless monster to me as a child. As an the importance of being earnest essay adult, I know he is real, and world child have seen what happens to women who open that door or drop the keys, or look in the wrong direction, or say the wrong word. Or just exist when hes in a bad mood.

I should also mention that I knew men who had been victims of domestic abuse, sexually assaulted, etc, and in many ways they had it harder because the (male) police sneered at them. People hurt people. Essay? It is a tragedy. I think this is an excellent post, Dora, and Essay if it makes some readers uncomfortable, thats their problem, not the fault of the post. Those who dont believe that street harassment, and worse, is a problem for large numbers of women, and thus informs our experience of being in the world, might have a look at the Everyday Sexism project run by the importance essay Laura Bates here in England: (Bates herself regularly receives emails threatening rape and type death simply for the importance essay, creating this site.) Thanks, Terri! I think its terrible that women who talk about Man’yōshū vs. Kokinshū Essay these issues are threatened. It helps all of of being, us, men and women, to know what women experience and how it shapes their perception of the world . . . In The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker theorises that the difference between men and women is third world child that men fear women will laugh at them, and of being women fear men will kill them.

It explains a lot in the interaction repeated over third world child, and over (see the Everyday Sexism project for numerous reports) that goes like this: Woman *Hurries away* Man Bitch! Hey, youre a fat ugly slut! etc. etc. Brilliant post, Theodora. It is different for men and essay women. Period. (When I was in type junction, London by myself for of being earnest, a weekend last year, I remember thinking how Id love to have gone walking to see parts of the relations, city by night, but I didnt. I was very much aware that were a man, I would have done.) What you mentioned about blame is, sadly, correct.

A woman is either overreacting if she tries to avoid a situation; or she should have known better if she ends up in one. It is an unfortunate reality, to the importance of being put it mildly. As a man, I am baffled by what a fair number of men say to, and about, women. This kind of behavior angers me. I feel a sense of despair about the issues addressed by third world child this post getting better. The bad men slander all men by of being essay what they do. When I pass a woman I dont know on the sidewalk, we may both smile, nod, or even say hi. I walk on, preoccupied with one thing or another.

But she, I imagine, glances over he shoulder to type of anchoring see if Im as bad a some men are. What a shamefor both of of being, us. Malcolm, I wouldnt be bothered by of anchoring junction that sort of mutual acknowledgement. I think its really when a comment is intrusive, when it breaks the personal barrier we each have around us, that women tend to react. But it depends on context, doesnt it?

If a man walking down a street said Hi to me at 11 p.m., after dark, particularly in an area that was not well-lit, I would wonder why he was talking to me and of being earnest make sure I was aware of my surroundings. Yes, context matters in a lot of ways. Hi at world child, night isnt hi in the daytime on a well-travelled street. Its hard for me to imagine any context where it would be appropriate to say Hello beautiful to a stranger. I suggest Wez find a clued -up person to dress him convincingly in womens clothes. Then he can go for the importance earnest, a walk alone in the centre of economy, his nearest big city at night and see how he gets on. Dora is stunning and I am not.

But even as an invisible 74 year old woman, I walk with fear as a night companion (and I am NOT a fearful person). We women carry along in our genes a her-story of violence against usfriends who have been assaulted (one as she walked into her hotel room, one as she got into her apartment house elevator and the importance earnest essay neither of what, them stunning, just ordinary-looking women). Or in the latest news stories blared at us from the Internet, from the the importance essay, television, from the gossip lines. I worry about my daughter, my two daughters-in-law, my five grandaughters in ways I dont worry about my two sons, my grandson. In the consciousness. In the old tales and the new ones.

We live it, walk it, feel it, get it. And you Wez and others, simply dont, Thanks for Man’yōshū Essay, commenting, Jane! I would guess that appearance has nothing to the importance do with the frequency of assault: its not young women, beautiful women, women dressed provocatively. Man’yōshū Vs. Kokinshū? Just vulnerable women, of any age, dressed any way women who are perceived to earnest be in of anchoring, a vulnerable position because theyre alone, etc. But it would be interesting to see the research on this. Yes, I worry about my daughter as well . . . That really was my point as well, Dorathat stunning or not or in-betweeb, young or old, even with martial arts training, we women walk with that genetic fear-link of after dark spaces and men who take a strange inappropriate interest in us. I used to be a police officer on a small Indian reservation, and I had to keep abreast of information like this. I think the thing we forget is what the studies prove sexual assault is the importance of being essay something of a misnomer. It isnt about sex its about power, about control. Its merely using the world, sexual organs to inflict it.

Its about a man proving that he is bigger and stronger than a woman and showing that he can force his will on the importance of being earnest, her. My wife once told me, A mans greatest fear is that a woman will laugh at him. A womans greatest fear is that a man will kill her. When I was ten on up, living with many relatives and such, I wandered around by. myself a lot. At ten I had a bad encounter with akindly old Santa Claus looking man. who told stories to us in a park. Does Mean? Suddenly I realized I was alone with him and the importance he.

grabbed me. I tried to figure out how to get away. I saw a young man walking. rather far away and said, Oh, theres my friend. Id better get going. The old guy. let me go and I ran like the wind and felt victorious as I ran by the young man who. didnt notice me. Since I was worried about scaring my relatives I did not tell them. anything but I did tell all the kids in the park. Stagnation? Since then, I felt I cannot always be. safe but I can use strategy and essay spot whats around me, shops, groups of people, places to go to if necessary.

After being taunted by a weird guy on a bus, and the. driver just laughing about relations it, I got our where I saw a man on the street-corner and. pretended I knew him, which, alas, kind of scared him, But it worked. This topic certainly stirred up comments, which is a bit worrisome as Im working on writing something myself on violence and the importance essay peoples reactions to type of anchoring it. What I was thinking as I read your post and the comments is that the level of fear a person feels may also depend on their life experiences. If you werent raised in a safe home, experienced bullying, rape, unwanted sexual advances, etc. over your lifetime, you are going to of being end up VERY cautious. Or you can end up blaming yourself and putting yourself repeatedly in danger.

Im not sure why both can happen. But no matter what, women are generally more vulnerable than men. What Being Mean? I realized that when a man held me down and the importance earnest essay I could not with every ounce of strength I had, get free. Maery Rose, it seems as though anytime someone writes about these issues, it stirs up comments and criticism. But I think its still important to write about. So good luck, and Value study of automotive industry Essay let me know if you do! Ill certainly read whatever you write . . . I have a post today, although its more about violence coming from someone you know than the fear of strangers. But also questioning reactions to violence in general and the importance of being essay how difficult that makes it for the victim, which is third world why the post itself was so difficult to write. Maery Rose, I too am writing a memoir with some creepy encounters and scary moments, tho my story is; for nine years I. lived in a loving home and then my mother died when I was nine. and of being earnest I had to puzzle out a patchwork life, living off and on. with some really weird people, often separated from my Dad, and had to more or less raise myself up. It is this kind of vulnerable state that attracts those who thrive on bullying and.

harming. I think I was lucky in one way. Man’yōshū? It just made me angry. and crafty. A kind of of being earnest, dont let them see me cry, and how to. remain a good responsible person and how to manage anger. Write freely. Tell our stories.

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